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What Is BDSM?

If you've heard of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, you've probably also heard of BDSM. What is BDSM? BDSM is a form of sexual lifestyle. BD means Bondage and Discipline, DS means Domination and Submission and SM means Sadism and Masochism. This lifestyle includes using rope or fabric to tie your partner or blindfold them, using handcuffs to handcuff your partner to the bed or sometimes role-playing. Domination And


Everything You Need To Know About Bondage Sex

Many people think about bondage sex but have no idea what it involves. Here's a straightforward guide with tips and prompts for beginners. What Is Bondage Sex? Bondage can be defined as limiting a person's movement by tying them up, binding them or otherwise, restraining them. It involves an active partner (top) or a passive partner (bottom), although the bottom does not have to be passive. The most important aspect


The Surprising Psychology Of BDSM

If you hear someone is practicing BDSM (Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission,Sadism-Masochism), you will probably assume that the person, in his past life, was sexually abused, psychologically anxious, psychologically maladjusted, and that they he is actually attempting to hide his sexual disabilities and failures. Surprisingly, there are low evidence that could back up these assumptions. In fact, there were studies about BDSM saying that people practicing BDSM are actually mentally, psychologically and sexually